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Peter McDonald

After Dinner Speaker Dr Slop For Hire

Peter McDonald was appointed a Consultant Surgeon in Gastrointestinal Disorders at Northwick Park & St. Mark’s Hospital in the summer of 1991.

He has a special interest in colorectal cancer and Crohn’s Disease and has published more than 70 scientific papers and several book chapters.

Surgery, a most serious subject, gives him the Peter McDonald gravitas to allow him to indulge in some more light-hearted activities below.

A medical journalist since a medical student, he has published 1000 opinion columns in ‘Hospital Doctor’ and elsewhere in the soft medical press. Articles have appeared in The Times, She Magazine and The Geographical Magazine.

He writes a monthly incisive and witty scientific review column in ‘Colorectal Disease’ as Gemellus and a satirical end-piece for the Royal College of Surgeons under the pen-name ‘Mr Slop’ FRCS (Eng).

A Trust In Conflict.

Peter McDonald published the novel ‘A Trust in Conflict’ (1999) under the name Dr Slop and ‘The Oxford Dictionary of Medical Quotations’ in 2003 (OUP) under his real name. He has written a travel book about a long distance journey on horseback ‘A Ride in Middle England’ (2006) presenting five half hour TV documentary films on the same subject now being screened regularly on Sky Channel 280 (Horse and Country TV).

Several performances on Radio 4 include ‘Quote/Unquote’ (6); ‘Inspirations’ (4) and ‘Word of Mouth’ (1). He has worked for Queensland Radio (ABC) (1988) and made some ‘odd’ appearances on Sky TV and BBC2. He lives on the SW Herts/Bucks border. He is a fiddler (traditional folk), a professional after-dinner speaker and has one wife, twenty animals including horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens but only four children.

He has delivered over 130 after dinner speeches to corporate dinners, clubs and medical audiences all over the UK and Europe (largest = 1400; smallest = 30). His theme of “Jiblets and Tripe!” gives his audience an amusing insight into the serious and not-so-serious side of his life as a surgeon in today’s NHS.

Enquiries always welcome for Peter McDonald. 0161 374 5398. Front Room Events.

Words Can Change Your Brain: 12 Conversation Strategies to Build Trust, Resolve Conflict, and Increase Intimacy

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